Giving gifts is about being socially loved and we embrace that. Cow is a leading life style retailer that targets innovative, creative gift buyers and home lovers. Our main concern is giving the customer an unforgettable experience inside our shops because it is not about what we sell, but rather it is about how we sell it. This is our edge in the market, more than anything. We are known for our gift wrapping capabilities and are considered to be the leading place in Egypt to get a creative, self-expressive, out-of-the- box gift wrapping.

Our experienced and loyal staff always makes sure to help our customers express themselves either by finding a unique accessory or a creative gift wrapping. We make sure to always have a startling display for our customers that includes a big variety of special products for our customers to choose from, as we have more than 15 product categories displayed in our stores, including: cards, balloons, home accessories, and wrapping accessories. Our products are both created by us and outsourced through international and local suppliers, as we are always trying to help small local suppliers and encourage the Egyptian industry.

We always try to impact the lives of our customers through inspiration by engaging our customer through unique displays, stories behind products, seasonal out-of-the-box themes, and our DIY section. We love taking pictures with our customers to hang them on our store walls and share them on our social media platforms. We try to engage our customer as much as we can by creating a DIY loving community around us through granting our customers the opportunity to get creative and self- expressive by wrapping their own gifts. 

Our Mission & Vision Cow is a creative and inspiring gift brand that embraces customer satisfaction and loyalty as its core values. Cow does so through building a strong emotional bond with its customers by creating an attractive environment to appeal to the gift buyers emotionally, as well as constantly offering out-of-the-box products on a timely basis.

Our Promise Cow promises to brings inspiration, creativity, and happiness to your gifts and homes.